Gutboy vs. The Devourer of Worlds

So, the Bagger 288 has been on the list of "things" in the Land of One Thousand Towers for quite a while - see http://henchmanabuse.blogspot.com/2010/12/bagger-288.html

I'm using it as a potential solution for the zombie problem the players unleashed.  Well, not so much a solution, it's just that geography says the zombies are in the way when the players head to the dungeon.  This is a megadungeon campaign, so if they want more dungeon loot, they've got to deal with the mess.  They could also head off in another direction entirely, but they're pretty wary of the dinosaur-haunted wilderness - it wasn't too hard to predict that Gutboy would listen to Wurgol.

Of course, Gutboy is showing an unexpected degree of concern for the people of the world.  If Pai Mei had been able to make it, I think there'd be less planning for the long-term consequences.  Gutboy's contact w/ Professor Smithen does let me introduce the conflict between the Scientists and the Academy though - and Michael's going to force Gutboy to choose sides.

Gutboy is also intent on getting his dog elected to the city council.  There's no way that a freshly-minted citizen could get completely burned dabbling in byzantine Denethix politics, so it's going to be a total win with no downside.  I like his initiative, and Gutboy doesn't yet understand the depth of the corruption in Denethix, so hilarity is bound to ensue.

Finally, that ring of invisibility from Death Frost Doom - it's made me realize that magic items in my campaign are generally really, really obvious.  If something's got powers, it's advertising it.  In a "normal" D&D campaign, a featureless ring would be the instant subject of a detect magic on general principle - but I've managed to train my players into expecting garish and weird treasure, so they tossed it aside without a second thought.  Well, until I crowed about Gutboy tossing aside something valuable, and mocked him with rumors of the Bazaar being robbed blind.  Apparently Gutboy's got access to "locate object" - I was forced to eat my words.  On the plus side, he refused to search the pirate for treasure on two occasions, when the scurvy dog had been on an extended robbery spree - no loot for you, Mr. Gutboy.


  1. After reading about DFD I have been thinking, if you are familiar with Fungoid Gardens of the Bone Sorcerer, where you would place it in world of ASE and what modifications you would do to it?

    1. Sorry, I'm not familiar with it at all - you're on your own! General advice - you can't go wrong with robots or dinosaurs. Or robot dinosaurs.

    2. Good thing there is both of them in the adventure.