whooops, forgot the character sheets

Yeah, so that last session - I had pulled the characters sheets out of my folder the last time we played, and a year passed, so I forgot I did that - but I did have long-undead Mongo's character sheet still floating around.

"Crap.  I forgot the characters.  All I've got is an old Mongo."
"I guess I could play him again."
"You can ALL play him."

Gonzo-science-fantasy is a very forgiving genre for D&D.


  1. And with that explanation, your latest session recount went from "Just ASE being ASE" to absolutely brilliant! :D

  2. I can only hope that machine gets added in as an official part of the dungeon! "The room that turns everyone into the same character" seems super in-keeping with other ASE special encounters.

  3. I'll second Anne's notion!---if DMs can change a character's alignment, sex, class, and race via standard and cursed magic items, why not go all the way with the concept? :D