Old maps

I'm in shipping/receiving hell.  140 items to package up.

Here are some maps, they're a little under 20 years old nowadays.

The Dwarven Crypts, upper level:

Dwarven crypts, lower level:

The Underworld!  Yeah, getting derivative - looks like I read a copy of D1-2.

Were-rats and drow?  Definitely D1-2...

And a drider lair.  Drow? Driders?  Oh well...  it was marginally fresher way back when...

Leading straight to... a MAZE.  Don't know what I was thinking.  When the players hit it, I remember hand-waving their way through it, they hired a minotaur guide or something...

Upper level of the maze... players are getting closer to the surface now.

One section of the maze changed depending on what levers you had pulled.  I'll probably recycle this concept for the megadungeon, it still works for me.

Finally, the players escape into the swamps, and discover.. this poorly drawn lair... of whatever Ki'inari is...

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