Story emerges from play - last night's session

Last night was interesting, the players were definitely driving some story into things.  They had collectively decided to just get enough money to pay for the service at the Grand Temple.  So they had a good run through the dungeon, got a bunch of loot, and then it was back to the city to see what would happen.

So I gave some brief description of the Nisus appearance, was fairly tired and couldn't come up with anything interesting - so I just had her toss out her respects to the PC's.  Apparently that's what they were looking for - they went out and had their characters buy tabards with centipede images to declare their allegiance to Nisus, and have self-identified as the Knights of Nisus.  So there's the story making itself right there.

Gutboy is also holding a grudge against his former patron, Thor, and wants to torch Thor's temple.  Ahh, that's the antisocial PC behavior I love to see.  He's nervous that Nisus might be shacked up with Thor somehow.  Not sure how he's envisioning that working, since she manifests as a collection of bugs - but they're both satellites orbiting the earth, so no worries about romance interfering with his nefarious plans.  Not that he knows that.

I rolled a few dice, and Scientist Bob had the gumption to go further into the dungeon while the players were away, hoping to find the secrets the party alluded to - and a few more dice, and whoops, Bob and crew met an untimely end.  Captured or eaten, I don't know yet.

Finally, the spend-gold-for-XP houserule has had some interesting effects.  There was a half hour spent while Mongo's player tried to figure out how to spend enough gold to make 2nd level.  Blowing it all on lunch and/or vice was considered, but eventually he decided he wanted to lease an apartment.


  1. It's great when players take hold of a story and run with it. Sounds like an interesting session.

  2. I'm playing in a Dark Heresy campaign and we call it "Making our own adventures!"

    The very first session of DH we ever played our PCs were riding a train (which was supposed to be in narrative time) and accidentally summoned a daemon and had to fight it off. We hadn't even properly started the adventure yet.