Random Henchmen

I'm almost done with the content.  Then it's cleaning up the maps, getting them embedded, and editing.  Hope to have the content & maps done this weekend, and have editing complete in the next 2-3 weeks.

What I'm working on now is the random tables.  I plan to have a lot of them - they're useful when the players suddenly decide they want to hang out in the city.  So here's my random henchman table.  I don't bother rolling stats up for my henchmen, and they start out without equipment, so it's just names, classes, & personalities.  Do you think that's enough for a henchman table?  I've been putting in what works for me, but if other people's play styles require more detail, I'd love to hear about it.

Without further ado, some henchmen to abuse:

1. Laerdan, Fighter, Male. Won a hard-boiled egg eating contest once.
2. "Twitch", Thief, Male. Twitches violently when he talks.
3. Francis del Grok, Fighter, Male. Sixth son of a wealthy merchant. Out-of-work snob.
4. Slezgar, Elf, Male. Enthusiastic about hanging out with those short-lived humans.
5. Melzgar, Elf, Male. Strange fascination with halflings.
6. The Claw, Magic-User, Male. Behaves in sinister fashion, trying to live up to the strange name his parents gave him.
7. Rollo, Dwarf, Male. Believes he is cursed to die young, along with all his heirs.
8. Doug Bickerin, Cleric, Male. He doesn’t have a drinking problem, he’s just thirsty.
9. Hobbs, Halfling, Male. Wishes he was much, much taller.
10. "Bunny", Thief, Female. Love of bubble gum, hair spray, and grand larceny.
11. Margaret the Flame, Magic-User, Female. Her hair is black; the nickname is because she keeps setting things (and people) on fire.
12. Black Harris, Cleric, Male. Hates people in general, unemployed filthy peasants in particular.
13. Markus, Fighter, Male. Agent of the Starry Wisdom. Will turn on the party when he thinks he can get away with it.
14. Karo the Sweet, Fighter, Male. You know who’s hot? Karo’s hot, baby.
15. Borgonar, Dwarf, Male. Obese even by dwarf standards.
16. Arto Heavensward, Halfling, Male. Former taxidermist, makes inappropriate comments about how well employer’s features would preserve.
17. Nancy the Wrathful, Fighter, Female. Beat a man to death with his own severed arm, but she’s gotten better about her anger problems. Really.
18. Brilena, Fighter, Female. Mothers employers, other NPC’s, captured monsters, etc.
19. Niberius, Fighter, Male. Seeks man with conjoined twin who murdered his family.
20. Mighty Yord, Fighter, Male.  Barbarian from the Worthless North, looking to get rich quick.