A Requiem for Krogo, and other stuff

Alas, poor unconscious Krogo has been turned into morlock-chow.  Truly an abused henchman if ever there was one.  Netal does so make me proud.  This was building up for a few sessions - the morlocks are tired of the party's unfulfilled promises of people-flesh.  I think I'll implement a "people toll" for players heading down to the 2nd level.

One thing missing from the last session report was Netal's discovery of why he is surrounded by dying hobos.  He took his crow amulet (lifted from P.W.'s corpse way back when) to Frondgar the sage for identification.  After several attempt, he discovered its powers - it sucked one hit point per day from the weakest person nearby, and gave it to the wearer.  It also prevents all natural healing, except by the wearer.  He decided to keep this a secret from the rest of the party, so I omitted it from the session report (which is a cut'n'paste job from the email I send out to my players).

He gets an "A" for conniving, but I give him two more sessions before everyone decides Netal is a life-draining vampire monster.  It will be funny to watch those crows come to roost, though, so it's all good.

He barely made it out of the dungeon alive - he's a very new player, this is his first time playing the game.  So he's got some risk assessment skills to develop.

In other news, James Raggi is selling some copies of ASE1 at RopeCon over in Finland.  ASE1 gets a nice spot at the front of the table:  http://lotfp.blogspot.com/2011/07/ropecon-2011-or-old-school-north.html, which is awesome.  I love the look of his table - check out all those little yellow stripes in the corners of the books.  So old-school!

Skype + Fantasy Grounds continues to be a very viable way to play the game.  The feel is very much like having people at the house, so I'm quite pleased - I think I'll keep the experiment going for a while.

I am also now signed up for Google+, but am totally unimpressed by the interface.  Usually Google gets things so right, but wow, it's not very useable at all.  It keeps telling me my friend (Mongo's player, who sent me the invite) isn't signed up for Google+ and it is sending him emails instead.  It's also not entirely intuitive when posting messages to circles.  So I'm officially not loving it right now.

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