Colloidal Silver

At the tail end of the last session, the party stopped in at a tavern run by Blue, a colloidal silver addict.  I had put together a list of exotic drugs and their effects for the Fight On! random table contest.  No idea when it's actually coming out, it's been quite a while now, so I'll just dump the entries out here on the blog.  They'll be included in ASE4-5, where drug smuggling in and out of Under Miami is going to be a major theme.  But for you blog readers, you get it early.

Note to readers - people actually take this stuff in real life.  It has no actual health benefits, and will turn your skin blue, among who knows what other terrible side effects.  Remember, only losers are (colloidal silver) users.   The effects below are purely fictional (except for turning you blue, which is real).

Colloidal Silver
Chance of addiction: 10% per use, cumulative
Cost: 150 gp

The beneficial effects of colloidal silver are offset by the blue coloration and paranoid disposition of its addicts.  The solution of silver flakes dissolved in protoceratops plasma is ingested orally to achieve the desired effects.  Injection is instantaneously addictive, and thus not a preferred method of delivery.

Unusual Health (+1d3 CON for one day)
Cures one disease per dose
Paranoia (+4 on all reaction rolls when dealing with someone under the influence)

Addiction:  Addicts develop argyria, a condition in which their skin turns blue.  The condition is irreversible, even after a successful withdrawal.  Argyria will cause a loss of 3 CHA to the sufferer.

Withdrawal:  An addict requires a dose every 3 days, otherwise they will suffer 1d3 points of CON loss per day until dead (at 0 CON) or the addiction is broken (15% chance per day).  After withdrawal, CON may be recovered at a rate of 1 point per day.

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