Mendifex Spider Venom

Mendifex Spider Venom
Change of Addiction
: 25% per use
Cost: 5 gp

This spider venom is sipped from small vials.  It provides its users enhanced reflexes and a deeply fulfilling feeling of consummate skill.  It is prized by thieves and athletes.

Greatly improved reflexes (+1d3 DEX) for 24 hours
Improved confidence (+2 morale)

Addiction:  Addicts develop tumors on their necks and face, filled with tiny mendifex spiders.  The tumors will hatch within 2d6 days, causing 1d4 points of damage as the hatchlings gnaw their way out.  While the tumors are present, users suffer -2 to their CHA.

Withdrawal:  There is no withdrawal period – addiction consists solely of spider-filled tumors.  After the tumors break open, releasing the spiders, the user is back to “square one” with respect to spider venom addiction.


  1. Ewww, I like it! Something that could add a cool element to the game. Go Kreskin!

  2. So you know the Thieves of Denethix by their spider filled boils and the scars of old spider eruptions. Excellent.