wishes, and how I handled 'em

Tonight's session didn't get a huge amount done - only Mongo's player and Gutboy's player could make it, and the fellas are always a little dungeon-shy when they're down to two people, and we spent a lot of time being distracted by my new pet kitten.  So they decided to monkey around with the Wrist Replicator instead.

This is basically a high-tech equivalent of a ring of wishes - doesn't let you up stats or gain levels, just make stuff.  But that stuff can be valuable.  So, they went with giant diamond.

Personally I was hoping for "tons of gold" or whatever, and then the floor of their apartment building would collapse under the weight, and it would just be a solid mass, the city would claim it, etc.  But the 2' wide diamond is portable enough, so they got to sell it.  A reasonable amount of wealth was instantly gained, levels were gained, and a charge was blown.  So that's my wish philosophy - don't pervert the wish, just let it happen, and deal with the logical consequences.

Fun facts:

a. Rufus is a greedy bastard.  Gutboy's player forgot that, he wants a cut of everything.  They should've left him behind.

b. There are no weird evil-lawyer-ish consequences to the "wish" here.  You ask for it, you get it.  The only thing they have to worry about is the physical impact of whatever they create appearing right in front of them.

c. It was an opportunity to drop a hook for Gusty's Red Demon adventure.  How do you tow a 100' tall tank?  Exactly the sort of logistics nightmare my players will totally ignore until they get there

d. They got greedy and didn't want to split the loot with the other henchies - so this is a secret from George and Razoe. Except that the blink dog is mysteriously a high-roller now.  Here's the session report I sent to George & Razoe:

Rufus the blink dog now wears a top hat, expensive velvet cape, jeweled collar, and has both a butler and a gold-digger girlfriend named Ginger following him about.

There are no further details.


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    1. I always understood the "evil genie" consequences of a wish to be for the dicking of overly greedy or incautious players. If the players make a considered and reasonable wish I agree that they should get what they want, otherwise where's the fun in making a wish in the first place?