Blood Machines looks awesome

So the trailer looks awesome - anyone see this yet?


Did the week-long free trial of the Shudder streaming service, watched it.

a. Visually amazing!  It does look awesome
b. I LOVE the look of the Tracy spaceship.  That's about as menacing as a spaceship could get
c. Also loved the Tracy AI housing inside the Tracy spaceship
d. There was not enough attention to character building or dialogue
e. Shudder split it into three 15 minute episodes.  That was unnecessary and hurt the flow of the movie
f. Upside down crosses were totally unexplained and conflicted thematically with the notion of ship's souls.  Unless they were damned ships?  No real hint of that.  I assume the reason is "Carpenter Brut likes them!"

This movie was apparently inspired by a music video that the directors did for Carpenter Brut a few years ago.  That music video is also incredibly epic.


  1. And full of upside-down crosses. So I'm guessing it's some sort of personal trademark thingus?

  2. So that's what happened to the LEXX!

  3. hey can you recommend me any chat forums or discussion boards for pulp sci fi and fantasy?

  4. man i need more of the story. waiting on the lose ends is killing me and its always hilarious stuff. pleas i gotta get that dose of sweet sweet henchman abuse.
    thanks for tipping us off to blood machines though it does look cool