No, I am not dead, for whatever that's worth.  Yes, there are apparently rumors that I passed on.  Kind of morbid.  I'm just incorrigibly lazy about writing while my gaming group is in hiatus.


  1. I'm very glad to hear that you're not dead, Pat, although FWIW, I haven't heard anyone entertaining such comments at any of the boards I'm active on.

    Hopefully your gaming hiatus will give you time to catch up on ASE4-5, perhaps? :D


  2. I'm also glad to hear you continue to survive. I check this site almost daily hoping for an update. This is the particular windmill I choose to tilt at.

    Considering how many years have passed with I think just one session having been played, have you considered starting a new playing group? If you were willing to play online, I can't imagine anything less than a flood of potential players trying to sign up. Sadly, I think waiting for your "current" campaign to continue is hopeless.

  3. We are pleased to hear of your continued existence. Carry on.

  4. the rumors of your demise were greatly exaggerated. My new campaign will be in the Land of Thousand Towers (with some other added bits). If you need any help with the next level, I'd be more than happy to lend my assistance.

  5. I just picked up ASE and I have to say that this is an absolutely AMAZING gem of gaming goodness. I run a local gaming club and we made the switch from pathfinder and 5e to OSR about 5 years back and I have since picked up every mega-dungeon/dungeon/ half decent OSR product out there, well that I know of, but THIS is a masterpiece!!! My gaming club and I are going to be kicking off a Campaign with about 20 players built exclusively around ASE. I will be chronicling our shenanigan's on our blog over at: https://orderofthecrimsondeath.blogspot.com/
    This product has absolutely revitalized my gaming burnout and really inspired me in so many ways. Thank you for this!!! I may be late to the game but this came at just the right time on my life. Cheers!! Crimson.

  6. P.S I got a poster sized map of Land of One Thousand Towers made up and we are two sessions in and loving it. The only problem is keeping my imagination in check as each page in like a full on injection of pure inspiration. This is going to be one hell of a campaign. Lat one lasted 5+ years of weekly gaming.