Level 3 in CC2

Wow, this one took a while, but the level 3 map has been converted into CC2.  I need to do a bit more with the underground lake-cavern, maybe drop some islands or a few more side caves in - it's pretty bland right now.  Other than that, though, it's pretty much good to go.

The map is too big to print to a single page, so I'll have to split it into pieces in the printed module.  Photobucket can't deal with the high res image, so it's a bit illegible, but click to embiggen anyways:

And here's some detail on the tunnel section to the west:

And here's the entrance from the outside:

And here's the underground lake:


  1. The lake screams for another entrance, or to a lower eleven of the dungeon.

    Have you seen how Stoneehell split their maps?

    1. Yeah I've got a copy of Stonehell. Quadrants don't work, but I'll come up with some logical way to split it up into bits. I'm going to do the same thing w/ the second level map.

      The lake is pretty boring right now, I'll split it up somehow. It won't have another lower level entrance though, but that structure in the cavern to the southeast is one of Michael Curtis's "hangways", a portal to other worlds & megadungeons (see http://poleandrope.blogspot.com/2010/12/visiting-kinan-mnath.html )

      I might have a sublevel or something under the surface, a little underwater adventuring could be cool.

  2. Nice. Quick question, how are you steering your players away from the entrances from the outside to the lower levels? Is it a simple gentleman's agreement not to go anywhere uncompleted? Have they even tried?

    1. They haven't tried to go to the other entrances. In the beginning of the "Level 1" section of ASE1, I describe what's going on at the various entrances when the lights go off - they'd meet whatever is listed there if they investigated.

      They just went to the 3rd level entrance (with the moktars) in the last session, but thought better of it and headed back to level 2.

  3. Love these maps. I used L3 for Mother-Brain's Lair in a few sessions of WFRP Border Princes.