Look at all these rumors surroundin' me every day

Just a few rumors circulating around Denethix.  I have no idea what they mean (except for were-grunkies, and the Quiet God - you of course don't know about the Quiet God, and I'm not telling).

I'll refine the list at some point, it's very first-draft-ish right now.

I'm starting to think about layout tools now.  Might use Scribus.  Still haven't finished the setting material, or the city & outdoors maps.  I've decided not to rush it, the only deadlines I've got are entirely self-imposed, I'll be ready when I'm ready.

City Rumors
1. A were-grunkie is hunting beggars in the City Underfoot.
2. A man who casts no shadow is breaking into buildings where people have recently been murdered.
3. A priest saw the Quiet God’s star give birth to a meteor that plummeted to earth somewhere far south of the city.
4. I know a guy who saw a ragged green tent in the Bazaar that no one else could see.  The coward refused to go in.
5. The Men of Science know how to control the Steel Leviathans.
6. You can get anything you want at the Inn of Alabaster Surprise.
7. The slavers at the Obedient Service Company have been manufacturing false men and selling them as authentic.
8. The God’s Eye in the Church of Starry Wisdom doesn’t even work.
9. Another wrinkled, balding child was found wandering around the Street of Lesser Men.  They don’t speak, none of them ever speak.
10. A god told me to meet you here, and tell you to go to the House of Seven Lights.  No idea who the god was, or what he was talking about.  Thought maybe you’d know.
11. When they were digging the City Underfoot, they had to drive out some weird little blue fellows out of some of the caves that were already there.  It’s all gotta be flooded now, but my brother Bill told me he saw a little blue man crawling into the storm drains last night.
12. The Purple Company’s coming back from fighting wizards off in the east.  Feretha ain’t gonna like that, I bet.
13. I wish they’d catch whatever kid’s drawing those yellow signs all over the city.  I’m starting to get the willies lookin’ at that thing all the time.
14. I saw a green fellow, with spines like a cactus.  Tried to wear robes to hide it, but I saw.
15. I know we’re supposed to honor all the gods, but those Hooded Priests of Pain are really wigging me out.  I keep seeing them in front of my apartment building in the middle of the night.
16. Some of the dwarves in the Street of the Alien started wearing red armbands.  That’s gotta mean some kind of trouble.
17. Councillor Ugliomo been hiring an awful lot of Moks lately, don’t you think?
18. Sometimes there’s an island down in the gorge under the city.  Most of the time there isn’t, but sometimes there is.  Got a big black pillar on it when it’s there.
19. The Society’s been kidnapping slavers. Sometimes they leave the brain behind. Gross, huh?
20. The Unyielding Fist’s got a new laser, see?  Big one!  But get this… it’s fueled with people! People!


  1. Very nice, the flavor of these match up nicely with the tone I'm going for in my setting city. I'll save these and study them more closely. Thanks.

  2. I love #10, and the implication that the gods will talk to anyone, not just priests and adventurers.