More about last night's session

This was another session with lots of wandering around.  I had four players show up this time, so two hadn't seen the city before - so I had to repeat a lot of descriptions of the city.  My fifth player is on vacation, so he wasn't around - that's just one more person to describe the City-State of Denethix to.

a. I was shocked that Mongo's player wasn't mercenary enough to sell off Fenzo's body. I suspect he just thought I was up to zombie-related hijinx.

b. I forgot to mention, they hired another elf up in the Street of the Alien.  I rolled for this one's spells, I was getting sick of all the sleep spells.  It's time to cull the elf & dog herd.

c. The players spent a long time on dog-management-logistics.  It stank, because there were a lot of dogs.  Hopefully they'll catch on and knock it off.  I am rolling morale for the dogs constantly, but they're on a pretty tight leash right now so only one has taken off.  With this massive crew, the wandering monster chances are definitely going to go up.

d. Once again the gatehouse level resisted attempts at randomly stocking it.  The dice like it the way it is.  It's pretty much empty of all robots now, so I definitely have to move something else in for the next session.  Or I could just leave it empty, because it would be more fun to have the players on the first level where all the cool stuff is.  Maybe I'll have the Cult of Science move in, and start charging fees for passage.

e. I think I goofed on the rifle price.  The next one they try to buy will be 1500gp.  Bullets need to be hand-cast for each unique gun, so those should be fairly expensive as well. Mr. Ford hasn't re-introduced the notion of the assembly line here.  I need to make them much more expensive as well.  I didn't realize how much money was floating around the party.  My bad.

f. Gutboy reached 2nd level, a first for the campaign.  His player hasn't had any fatalities at all yet.  He'd probably be 3rd by now, but he missed a lot of the earlier sessions.

g. One of the players referred to the dungeon as my "dungeon of death".  I'm so proud!

h. I wonder if Frenchy will be allowed to leave the sewers alive.  I have the strange suspicion that the party is going to set every single beggar on fire, and then they're going to have to get rid of the witness...  we'll see how restrained they are in a few weeks.

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