Sometimes free stuff is just outstanding

I mostly ignore free stuff on the web.  I know a lot of people produce content for free, but I've got a mental block - if nobody's charging money for it, how valuable can it be?  In general you get what you pay for.

I saw a mention of the Classic Dungeon Designer's Netbook #4 on K&KA, checked it out, and was just astounded.  Presumably everybody but me already knows about it, but wow.  Table, after table, after table.  This is about as useful as a supplement can get.

So sometimes free stuff is awesome.


  1. I know that everything I post for free is a first draft, unplaytested, which is why I post it for free.

    On the other hand, I'm also rather cash poor, so I appreciate free material.

  2. I had not heard of this netbook myself. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can see what you're saying vis a vis free stuff, though there are a fair number of grumbles in the blogosphere about people being mostly concerned with selling a product. Can't please everybody, I guess.

  4. Kellri's stuff is indeed awesome. There is a lot of very high quality free stuff out there. "What a horrible night for a curse" has very good magic item compilations. The One Page Dungeon entries are frequently of good quality. The OD&D mateirals at The Grey Elf's Lair are amazingly well done. Beyond the Black Gate's two annual compilations are nice. The stuff I've looked at at Dragonsfoot are generally pretty good too.

    Your bias that free=lower quality or less valuable is pretty widespread though. When my wife worked for a non-profit providing free, need-based legal services to people, she found many of them to have a very low regard for what they got, even though she worked just as hard, if not harder, for them than she did paying clients.

  5. One of my favorite free stuff guys is Al, over at Beyond the Black Gate. His year end compendiums are very good.

  6. I know I'm not being fair to a lot of free stuff. I'd far rather pay some money and get a printed book than download a free PDF. Something psychological is going on there.

    Tim - I like Al's stuff quite a bit, too.