Comments about the last session

People enjoyed the last session, although the robots raised some eyebrows with Theopolis/Too's player.  That's the way I'm rolling though... but as I've mentioned earlier this will be a gonzo-lite campaign, once they're past the gatehouse the monsters will get a bit more traditional.

I made a few tactical errors, that the players will never notice of course.  I had forgotten to print out the stats for my new monsters, I just had the stat summaries in the key.  This was fine, except that I forgot the -4 to reaction checks on the jury-rigged automatons.  They should have been a bit more hostile than they were.  In future encounters I won't forget.

The other goof-up was on the radioactive stirges.  One of them puked up green goo into henchman Drunk Billy's bloodstream, and I didn't really remember the numbers for what would happen.  I just came up with a new table in my head, and Drunk Billy ended up with a lovely seafoam green complexion, and a +1 to his constitution.  The party was quite impressed with Drunk Billy's many successes.

So a good night overall, but very very lethal.  4 player-character deaths.  Every player at the table (3 made it last night) had at least one death.  It's a good training exercise, though, in what to expect from an old-school megadungeon.  I think they're going to be a bit more circumspect in future exploration.

Sadly, the henchman got the upper hand last night.  After the 4th or 5th attempt to haggle with the henchman Terrence and Phillip, and failing miserably each time on reaction rolls, I decided that they were getting a little homicidal.  Apparently the PC's were the hapless henchmen this time around...

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