Session recap, 9/22/2010

Here's the recap email I sent this morning for last night's session:


There are old adventurers, and bold adventurers, but no old, bold adventurers.

As Theopolis and the two caravan guards, Terrence and Phillip, stood around the pit full of flaming oil, Rollo Jr was overcome by grief and ran away.  Everyone had a strange feeling he'd show up again.  As he ran away, two new people, hearing the rumor that there was a caravan and gold to be had, wandered up to the cave - an elf named Randy, and Chelmsfordshire's cleric, Bishop Bickering.

There was a heated discussion between the newcomers and Terrence and Phillip about how any loot was to be divided.  Eventually Terrence and Phillip decided that the newcomers would probably die just as fast as Rollo Sr, so they'd wing it and see what happened.

Going to the corridor with the strange metal plate in the floor and the lever, Bishop Bickering decided an experiment was in order.  He would stand at the far end of the corridor near the plate, while Randy would pull the lever.  When he did, the plate flung itself upwards to the ceiling with a crash, and was actually an inverted pyramid of metal.  Bishop Bickering was likewise flung straight up to the ceiling, and broke his neck with a sickening crunch.

Randy moved forward a bit to see what could have happened, and was surprised to see his long sword fly up to the ceiling.  He was not flung up as the good Bishop was however.  Moving the lever back down, the pyramid fell back into its hole and the Bishop's body fell to the floor.

Soon they heard a noise outside, and discovered that village idiot Spaulding had followed them.  They quickly welcome him to the party, over Terrence and Phillip's objections.

After more experimentation with the lever, the party discovered that anything metal would be hurled towards the ceiling.  This had doomed the Bishop in his splint mail.  They flung the lever, stripped all the metal off themselves, and moved whatever wooden objects (tables, bedding, etc) they could find to cover the hole.  When the pulled the lever back down again, the pyramid fell down and slid to one side, and they pushed it out of the way.

In the hole where the pyramid was resting, was a stairway leading down to a cavern.  Theopolis bravely led the way down, with Phillip and Terrence behind him.  As they entered the cavern, a pair of crab spiders rushed along the ceiling and dropped down to attack.  One of the spiders bit through Theopolis's face and killed him messily, but the rest of the party soon had the spiders dead.  The players then turned their attention to the chest in the room.

Spaulding, Terrence, and Phillip had an argument about how to split up the treasure. Terrence had the last word, as he killed Spaulding with a single hit of his flail (taken from the Bishop's corpse).  Randy decided he really had no objections to Terrence and Phillip's way of splitting up the loot.  They opened the chest, split up the 500 gp within, and Terrence and Phillip left.  The chest itself was a wood veneer on top of very thick lead.  Randy also found a map on Theopolis's body.

Randy went back to town, and gathered up a few hardy-looking adventurers, a halfling named P.W. and a fighter named Too.  He also hired four louts in padded armor to help with the fighting, bought them swords and a pair of shields, and they headed off to put the sick rock in the lead chest, and follow the map to a cave on mysterious Mount Rendon.

The map led to a cave, with a protonium-metal door at one end, and a chute in the rock wall next to it.  In went the sick-rock, and the door slid open, revealing an octagonal room with strange white walls and floors, and a glowing white ceiling.  The dust on the floors was covered with criss-crossing tracks.  Three doors led out of the room, with signs reading "Barracks", "Emergency Generator Core", and "Subsurface Research Facility".

They first investigated the barracks door, finding a room with toilets, showerheads, and a series of dark holes in the wall.  They then had one of the louts, Drunk Billy, open a door which he quickly slammed, shouting "It's full of metal men!"

They ran off in the direction of the "Subsurface Research Facility", closing the door behind them.  There was no pursuit, and they decided to head deeper into the dungeon.  They came across a room full of half-metal, half-bone constructs, who told the party they were "looking for parts".  They were in fact scrabbling among piles of small finger bones, toe bones, and other detritus.  The party quickly figured out that the constructs wanted bones or metal to attach to their bodies.  The party agreed to help them find parts, and five of the constructs accompanied the party deeper in.

They passed through a room with a high ceiling and a cage hanging from the ceiling, but decided to press on rather than investigate.  The next room they entered had an enormous glass pillar in the middle full of a green glowing fluid, and lots of pipes, some broken and empty, some full of green goo, and some with football-shaped glowing lumps in them.  A catwalk 40' above could be reached by ladders.  Randy headed up the ladder, and the lumps turned out to be glowing green stirges that flew out and attacked.  Randy and one of the louts was overcome, but eventually the stirges were defeated.

And that was that for this session.  It ran a bit later than it should have, we should probably set a hard stop at 10:30.

See you in 2 weeks,

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