Customizable GM screen

The Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen is just awesome. I spent a few hours transcribing tables into Microsoft Word, printed three sheets of paper out with everything I need to look up quickly during the game, and I've got a nice little Labyrinth Lord screen. Then I searched the web for Thundarr video captures, D&D cartoon video captures, and various scans of module & rulebook art, so I'd have something to show on the outside. It's very very very nerdy, I'm sure I'll get some grief from the players next Wednesday.

I might replace the D&D cartoon panel with more module & rulebook scans, it's nowhere near as evocative as a nice bit of Erol Otus art.

You can click on the pictures to see larger versions.


  1. Love the Thundar panel as well as the D&D art panel. Not as big a fan of the D&D cartoon panel, but then again I never liked the cartoon. Perhaps some images from fantasy movies, esp. Harryhausen instead?

  2. Yeah the D&D cartoon panel is stinky. I like the beholder but the rest is kind of bogus. I'll print a replacement out next week. Maybe I'll make a Zardoz panel, to seriously put the fear into my players.

  3. Connery's package is certainly more terrifying than any cartoon beholder.

    I really like your monsters and megadungeon concept. There's a no-nonsense, gritty crawlin' feel. Trying to kill a shrieker on the ceiling, now that's a challenge (especially as I rule that piercing weapons do half damage to fungi except for the puffball kind...)

  4. Thanks for the compliments Roger. I have decided that I _will_ make a Zardoz screen. Doubt I'll have time this week, it'll probably have to wait for the next session.

    I wonder if there are screen grabs of Sean Connery humiliating himself by pretending to be sucked down into the tabernacle, or otrying to bust free from the perils of cling wrap...

  5. Very nicely done! I must have one of those for myself!