Keying the Dungeon

I've been putting off keying the dungeon, mostly because of time constraints.  With only a few days til the session, it's time to get cracking.  I'll post some highlights over the next few days.  I type faster than I can write by hand, so I'll be using Microsoft Word to do the key, and then I'll put up some of the more interesting examples.

While keying, I'll be following the rules Philotomy collated here: http://www.philotomy.com/#creating_dungeon.  The same advice sits in the back of the Moldvay Basic rules.  It's interesting because it ends up creating a lot of empty rooms, and a lot more traps than I have put into dungeons in the past, so it'll be interesting to see how creative I can make these traps be - and how deadly.

On a related note, I'm not happy with the mapping software out there, which is why I've been mapping by hand instead of via computer.  A lot of them do "pretty picture" dungeons, and then there's Campaign Cartographer which has a massive learning curve.  I really want a very easy to use piece of software that creates simple old-school style maps.  They were entirely functional without distracting art that make it harder to use the map in play.  The whole idea of a full-color map with little plants, chairs, individual piles of rock, is kind of ridiculous.  Nobody sees it but the game master, and he doesn't need that to run the game.  It's just visual complexity without purpose.  Did you get the impression I'm not a fan of that style?  Anyhow, I might have to end up writing my own if I can't find something.  Not a task I want to do though, I've got a big enough to-do list as is.

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