Posts are Content Only

Just as a general Henchman Abuse manifesto, I'm going to try to keep all posts 100% content.  The megadungeon campaign provides plenty of that, so I'm not worried about my ability to keep the content flowing in the short term.  I basically use this blog to design bits and pieces of my megadungeon, so there's no extra effort here.  I'm not worried about my players stumbling across the blog, since I haven't told them it exists, and it's well beyond unlikely that they'll be spending time reading any D&D blogs or forums.

You might see the occasional review of some product, if my opinion is vastly different from everyone else reviewing it, or if there are no reviews out there... that's about as far afield as I expect to roam.

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  1. Pat - you have a great blog, and lots and lots of fun content (my sort of stuff). But your manifesto breaks the rule. Nothing wrong with that, in true gygaxian rules paradox fashion. It makes it all the better.